March 27, 2005@11:04 pm.

man i was doing so well..updating I mean.
Well my mom and I talked for a while and I decided to stay on the track team, I just need to go into everything with a positive attitude, while that may be hard at times, I do want to be with these girls and have a good last season. I think if I would quite now, I would always regret it, never finishing something that I started my freshman year.

I'm on spring break now..not going anywhere as per usual. I do get to go overnight with a group of my friends to Deer Creek though. Which should actually be really fun. We rented a cottage and are going up on tuesday afternoon. yay for that. I'm also working a lot like a hella lot...40 hours this week. But its alright, I'll make almost $400 over break. Today I worked 2-10 with Ross...hella fun. We had cart races on the motorized carts and because we were so unbusy we just hung out and read Cosmo and took magazine quizes. haha good times

Church this morning was fine...it was nice to see Matt home from college. Claire's birthday is Tuesday, so we went out on Thursday, met a lot of her friends who were all really nice. I had a lot of fun, we ate at CPK and then went to gameworks afterwards there were like 12-15 people there at one point, we went to Claire's afterward and watched 10 Things I Hate about YOU!! yes one of the best movies ever I love it.

AHH spring break!!! im so syched for the time off of school! 9 weeks left!!!

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